mouseclix, founded by Mike Storey, ex Marketing and Communications Lead at industry skills body ScreenSkills and previously Marketing Director, Disney Music EMEA, works with film-makers and creatives to plan and manage their marketing and promotional activities.
With extensive knowledge, experience and relationships within the film, entertainment and music industries, mouseclix specialises in a flexible and practical approach to marketing; crafting appropriate strategy and executing plans to available budgets.
Mike is a Stage 2 Expert in marketing on the Film City Futures FOCUS project, providing sector specific business support to screen production companies in Scotland.
We are a firm advocate of applying marketing solutions at the earliest possible stage in the product lifecycle. Marketing and publicity is one of the most critical components needed to deliver a movie to its appropriate audience at all stages of its lifecycle and needs to be deployed throughout for best results. 
If you have a film or creative product requiring a marketing solution, please get in touch via the Contact tab or via social media.
First Teaser from "After Louise"
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