What we do


mouseclix provides a flexible and practical approach to marketing, crafting appropriate strategy and executing plans to available budgets. We specialise in music and film but can provide a wide range of marketing services across any business. 


Defining and managing marketing and communications strategy.

Establishing the targets and objectives to be achieved through marketing. 

Undertaking customer intelligence.




Creating and managing a marketing plan and campaigns to engage customers and deliver repeat business for both existing and new clients. The plan could involve email, social media, advertising, pr, mobile, networking & local marketing activity.


Brand Management


Building and managing a brand identity to accurately reflect the business and develop profile within target markets.


Implementation of the marketing plan. Commissioning and reviewing of marketing tools such as sales, PR and advertising materials 

Channel management (social media, website, advertising etc.)




Creating audio, video and written content.

Publishing to and co-ordinating content platforms (website, blogs, social media etc).




Establishing, tracking and reviewing measurement criteria.

Benchmarking performance and informing decision making. 

Music Specific 


Creating and marketing music products, particularly film soundtracks, identifying synch opportunities, managing the licensing process.New Business​

Launching and communicating new  business opportunities


Project Management


Planning and implementation of specific projects outside of day-to-day activities.


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