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A feature film can be a long ride... Over three years ago, in Summer 2013, Scoop Films started pre-production on their second film The Beat Beneath My Feet - a story about a bullied teenager with a passion for music, who discovers a bona fide rock star living downstairs. I was able to manage the marketing of the whole production from the start, from setting up the first social media account and designing of the original logo, through on set publicity (including being an extra on day 1 of filming) and plotting the film's course throughout the subsequent three years.

I made the most of the hiring of a Hollywood idol and a bright young thing in his first film, who has the makings of one, and on to a World Premiere in Competition at Raindance 2014, with two fully sold out screenings and some quite astoundingly good reviews, even becoming a certain reviewer's favourite film of all time.

From that great start we were able to get the film shown locally, enough to qualify for the BAFTAs, and most significantly into the 2015 Berlinale, in competition in the Generation 14+ strand, where we played to over 1,600 people in 4 sold out screenings, documenting the experience as we went along:

Berlin was the kickstart to sales, and with an agent on board for EFM, the worldwide journey commenced with festivals and sales in every continent. Just recently, in October 2016, there was a North American release for the film, where the campaign was changed to reflect a new younger audience that was finding the film after the double whammy of our Hollywood star, landing a high profile TV role, and our bright young thing making another film after The Beat Beneath My Feet that speared directly to his core audience.

And now, the film makes its way to UK TV where, to be honest, it should find a happy home. Film 4 have picked it up and it debuts on Monday:


It's nice to see something you have worked on for so long make its way in the world.

#marketing #thebeatbeneathmyfeet

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